How Subaru Keeps You and Your Family Safe

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Every time you drive your Subaru equipped with EyeSight® you can be confident, and rest assured that you are in one of the safest vehicles available on the market right now. Subarus equipped with EyeSight have the highest available ratings for front crash prevention by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.  In fact, vehicles equipped with EyeSight have reduced rates of rear-end crashes with injuries by up to 85%.

Having a vehicle equipped with EyeSight is just like having another set of eyes on the road and an extra foot on the brake. You may be wondering, “But what is EyeSight? And how does it work?” EyeSight can monitor the traffic around you, warn you if you are departing your lane, and optimize your cruise control functions.

The basis for the system is a set of color cameras places near the rear view mirror that scan the road for unanticipated obstacles and hazards. By having an “extra pair of eyes on the road” you have extra awareness and an extra feeling of safety.

Our EyeSight Driver Assist Technology features include:

·         Advanced Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Centering- This feature regulates your vehicles speed in order to keep your selected distance from the vehicle in front of you.

·         Lane Departure Prevention- A steering feature that gently brings the vehicle back into the center of the lane if you unintentionally depart your travel lane.

·         Pre-Collision Throttle Management- This system is designed to prevent you from accelerating into a stopped object in front you.

·         Pre- Collision Braking- If the EyeSight cameras detect that you aren’t slowing down fast enough or at all it can automatically apply the brakes to avoid a wreck or mitigate effects of an impending collision.

·         Lead Vehicle Start Alert- This feature will alert you if your vehicle is stopped after the driver in front of your begins to move.

To learn more information or see these systems in action call us today at (910) 864-5240.


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